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Great guides

Really good informative and attractive guides

Friendly Guides & Maps

I have found these quides and maps excellent in the way they bring regular maps ( like OS ) to life by depicting the terrain and features of the landscape. In addition the clear and informative historical and geographical text that accompanies the maps and guides really helps to get a ‘feel’ for the land that you are walking upon. Pathways, car parking, suggested routes and detours are clearly referred to and the style of narrative is ‘ friendly’ and very helpful. I would thoroughly recommend these guides and maps to anyone who enjoys walking on these beautiful parts of Cornwall.

South Cornwall - Falmouth and Roseland Guidebook
Mr Stephen Williams (Amazon review)
Tourist information.

Good summary of the area

Book on West cornwall

I'll be very useful on our trip thank you

Scilly Pocket Map 1 - St Mary's
Kindle Customer (Amazon review)

Just what I wanted. Easy navigating the island with this map.

Isles of Scilly Map
Torunn Bjøreid (Amazon review)
Good and detailed map

I liked the whole map. I will use it for my next trip to the Isles of Scilly and plan walks there.

Isles of Scilly Guidebook
C (Amazon review)
Brilliant book

Maps were good and useful, lots of interesting information about these lovely islands

Land’s End Guidebook

A brilliant little book with all one could need to find one’s way around the area. Many handy tips, good sized maps with plenty of detail and lots of good photos. We are using ours a great deal!

Land’s End guidebook

Fascinating to see the differences between Land’s End / West Penwith and the Lizard. The guidebook will enable me to plan my visits to West Penwith while staying on the Lizard and indulge my fascination for pre-history.

The Lizard guidebook

Just what I wanted to inspire me over the winter, encourage me to come to the Lizard, and plan my trip next year.

Guide of Isles of Scilly

Seems good , will find out on holiday

Very useful pocket-sized map

Good for planning a stay.

Isles of Scilly Guidebook
Dr. R. H. Webber (Amazon review)
Complete guidebook

This was the perfect guidebook with large-scale maps with every detail marked on and full description of all the islands.

Tresco guide

Pocket-sized guide to some of the Scilly Isles. Concise but informative. Ideal for a pre-visit taster.

Isles of Scilly Guidebook
Tony and Hazel Teal
Friendly Cornwall Guides

These three friendly guidebooks certainly live up to their name and are a cut above others currently available on the market. Covering the rich environment, history and geography of Lands End, the Lizard and the Isles of Scilly they achieve their aim of being helpful companions for interested visitors and I suspect locals alike. I first came across the latter while holidaying in the Isles of Scilly and found it clearly written and presented with a mine of information to help plan and understand trips around this region. Only later did we acquire the other two volumes when walking the South West Coast Path. The maps are beautifully drawn and packed full of detail , a valuable addition OS Explorer editions. In short they meet the needs of most people attracted to this part of Cornwall and the author is to be congratulated on producing such comprehensive guides. I am very pleased to have them on my book shelves as a source of reference and future inspiration.

Great detail

Superb maps and so detailed - really interesting to see the shipwrecks too. I like that there is a map per island which overlaps neighbouring islets and islands, brilliant. Could a legend be added on each map though for any future prints. Highly recommend and look forward to using. Great ordering service too.

Everything you could ask for in map set

Great map collection. I'm really enjoying using it to plan my first Isles of Scilly trip. All the details you could need, from footpaths to amenities.

St Agnes pocket map

Really useful, as a child here I used to know all the names of everything, was determined to remember them again

Holiday help!

Delighted to receive my maps so quickly.
They have been a great asset to my holiday and I'm delighted with them.

Scilly Island by Island

Excellent set of books with beautiful photos, historical details, suggested activities, maps, and much more. Indispensable for anyone planning a trip to the Scillies, or a wonderful way to refresh happy memories. Perfectly delightful - thank you!

Informative, lovely and handy books

These books are great. Small enough to bring on a travel, and really informative with a lot of interesting content and maps.

Isles of Scilly

Very well researched and thorough description, particularly of the historical and geological features of the Isles. Detailed walks, with full maps to support the instructions. We haven't been yet, so I can't verify the content, but I think this will be a very useful complement to the more commercial guides to restaurants and accommodation which usually dominate guide books.

Definitely Friendly

It is more like a conversation than a guide book. Can't wait for our visit.

Isles of Scilly Guides

Have visited the Isles of Scilly many times & these guides are interesting & informative. They make a good read and are very well presented, well worth buying for 1st time visitors & those who return year after year. The "Scilly Island by Island" full set, covering the inhabited islands, especially recommended.

Isles of Scilly Guidebook
Lou (Amazon review)
A must for a good holiday

Very good guide book, interesting history and the walks are a most to do, all you need to have a great holiday on the Isles of Scilly.